About a realistic indoor scene...

Hi All,

I’m trying to build a indoor scene with realistic looking lights and maps.

I tried to bake all textures in 3DsMax and import to Unity but the results was not so good as i want. Maybe because of my low experience on it. So what i want to ask is, which way should i choose to archive the realistic look. Should i just work with lightmaps, or is it just enough to work with lights in Unity.

I modelled all the stuff and all uv’s are wrapped. Just want to know, if you guys have another way to achieve the realistic look.

The way i tried is :

Modelling Stuff > Bake All Textures with Light Maps > Import Into Unity > Set the Ambient Light to Pure White.

What technics would you use to achieve the quality like in the image below in Unity ? Just want to know the name of the way, no need to explain it long way, because i dont want to take your time for that.

I’m trying to learn that since a week, searched the forums already.

I will be really happy, if you guys give an answer to light my way into it.



I modelled all the stuff in 3dsmax and prepaid the textures and opened the UV’s, after that i copied the opened UV’s to UV map channel 2.
Every model in the scene had 2 UV channels at the end.
First one was for texturing and the second one was for light mapping. The Unity Beast did the rest. Great tool btw…

you can use unitys lightmapper tool to lightmap your scene though.
if you want go into depth with lightmapping your scene in a realistic way you can check out the documentation that unity provided,
it helped me out on my scenes that i lightmapped.

P.S is that picture is done in unity, if so thats by far the most realistic indoor scene i’ve ever seen