About assetbundle load in mobie platform , when have massive gameObjects (about 19000 gameobjects,17000 of them have renderer),loaded crash or cost long time

Detail: we pack the scene res to assetbundles , and manage dependence self. There is no problom in pc
platform ,just cost time and memory.but in mobile ,it crash when load asset bundle res. The scene asset bundle’s total size is 100 MB (with compress method when pack), we track the memory while loading,
after load ab of scene(dependence already load,just the ab of scene),start load scene ,the memory use
rise very high ,grow up to 2gb, after scene loaded ,the memory use minus to 1 gb . but in moble , most of
moble crash when load scene . Is there any one have similar problem ? thanks .

supplement: why the memory is grow up very high when load scene ,and when loaded , grow down agin?