About iOs game building

So, i’m doing a game with unity personal edition, and I am doing it in the default editor (pc, mac, linux) and eventually I want to build it for iOS (and android). So, if I have the game for pc and mac (default editor), can I pass it to iOS or I have to build it from scratch again from the iOS unity editor?

Any advice is appreciated.

There is no such thing as a “iOS unity editor” - the Unity editor is an application that runs on PC/Mac. From there, you can compile an executable for any platform - PC, Mac, Android, PS4, Wii, etc. etc.

The only slight complication to this rule is that in order to run on an iPhone/iPad device, iOS applications have to be signed using an Apple developer account and, for that, you need to be a registered Apple developer (£99 per year) and, you need to use xCode on a Mac.