About making a existing game type

Hi, I want to know if it is legal making a game for example like UNO, Monopoly or other registered and known games. It would be legal using their sprites and game rules (the game basically) publishing on Play Store being free with In-App Purchases and publicity?

Games like UNO, Monopoly, sink the float or any card game. Before doing it I need to know if it is legal or I have to buy permission…

Thank you,

I don’t think copyright exists on game mechanics, so you might be fine that way. Using their sprites / assets will be an infringement. Even if the designs are very similar but not exactly the same could get you into trouble (and I assume Hasbro has amazing lawyers which you don’t want to mess with).

I think making a similar game is fine, as long as you use different graphics and change the rules slightly. I’m not a lawyer but I think I’ve heard of cases of indie games getting sued because they were too similar to bigger titles. I’d look into those cases to roughly get an idea of what represents an infringement.