About photon engine and saving data?

Hi, I want to make a multiplayer game (Like portal with just 2 player) and i found out Photon engine then i watch some tutorials but i coudn’t found some thigns like saving the game or loading the game. I though photon is not for this . And I found some saving methods like Binary Formatter. So how can i use photon and some save methods. How can i you them together. Maybe i should use someting different for server or data saving thing? (I dont have any experience about making multiplayer game and save/load system so Im sorry for my language)

No worries about the language, but you should have solid knowledge of some basic things when you want to work on a multiplayer game as it is at least twice as complicated as a normal game.
First of yes you can use a binary formatter to write stuff to a file. This can then be read again when you start up the game.
However depending on your game (and you did not add any information in that regard) it might (and probably will) not be enough to simply send the file to the other person.
Before you dive too deep into this saving/loading topic you should first make clear that you have a good understanding how photon (i guess you mean PUN - be specific here, there are differences) and how to create rooms, connect to rooms and send messages. Then you should understand how saving/loading works without any multiplayer stuff and then you should try to bring these 2 together.