About Plus License, build and mothly pay.

Hi everyone. ( Sorry for my english, I’m learn it )

I’m thinking buy a Plus License for a month to publish my game, but I think that I can’t keep published my game if I not pay for Plus License the next months.

I think that I can’t do what I say up here. (obviously :slight_smile: )

So… I must keep paying Unity Plus until the end?

I’m lost. I need info about Licenses and publishing with Unity for not do the things bad and not transgress the License with them.

I have an idea of what I have to do: Buy a Plus License for a month and renovate it every month that my game keep published.

Please, I need your help :slight_smile: Info to understand all :slight_smile:

Thanks you.

You must pay for 12 months at least, monthly or annualy.