about scripting

how do i lern scripting is there a way that all learned by it or a number of ways tell me how do you learn it if you do and thats enogh in java or c#

Take a programming course.

Or if you want to learn yourself, buy a c# (or javascript) book. There are hundreds around.

Once you have a good basic understanding of programming, read up on the scripting reference documentation on the unity site.

Read through other peoples scripts and understand them.

Learning to program will take you a good 6 months to understand, and years to be what I'd consider good at (don't worry there are plenty of bad programmers who are successful enough.)

For the record, Unity uses javascript not java, they are completely different languages (Java actually near identical to C# in syntax)

This guy will learn you all what you need (almost!)


Enjoy ;)

i learned actionscript for flash first, which is very similar to javascript. Was easy to figure out after that, also you can skim over the scripting documentation. good luck!