About Team License

Dear Sir,
We are interested in the unity 3d pro + iOS Pro + Team License but we are wondering how many people the Team License supports.
Please advise, thank you.


Dear madame,

If you looked around more on Unity Answers, you would realize that no one begins their questions with “Dear sir/madame” because Unity Answers is (for the most part) handled by the community and not the staff of Unity Technologies.

The “Team License” is a little misleading in its name. It merely adds on extra collaboration features to the Unity Editor like Asset Store support. It does not actually support a team, i.e., you need a “Team License” for every member of your team in order for everyone to use those features.

So, the “Team License” only supports one person, like every other Unity license.


Team License is, as stated on other 2 answers, a per machine license. It is 500 bucks per machine you want to contribute in its two features: Asset Server and Cache Server.

From our experience and regret, you’re better off with your own versioning, maybe even SVN which is equivalent, than using Asset Server.

As for the Cache Server, when it works, it works great and might worth the money.

In any case, you better research a lot, and maybe even asking to try them with the support team (they do offer trial keys) and see if it fits your needs. Asset Server could be good enough if you have no expertise at all with versioning and want a very very very simple versioning solution.

This mean $500 for every developer to collaborate. Doh!

No Team-Collaboration ever for South Africa people :frowning:

So sad.