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Port an existing virtual reality game or create a new fully immersive experience, replacing the player’s surroundings with your own environments.

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Hey all! I’m pretty excited for this new plugin to develop for Apple Vision Pro and I’m planning to start soon experimenting with it. I’m reading the documentation and I have a question just to start. I’ve read that there are many limitations in the features we can use when developing for Vision Pro because Unity uses RealityKit behind the curtains. I’m referring in particular to the list that can be found on this page Supported Unity Features & Components | PolySpatial visionOS | 0.6.2

My question is: are these limitations present also for the fully immersive VR apps? So if I want to do a VR app, can I use skyboxes and Cameras or not, for instance? Because these features appear as not supported, but they are fundamental to smoothly port a VR app from the Quest to the Vision Pro.

Please let me know, thank you!

From my experience there are not many limitations when doing full VR apps. skyboxes are working for me in the simulator

Since no one from Unity ended up coming in here to give a definitive answer, @logansitu is correct. The Fully Immersive/VR mode does not impose the same restrictions as PolySpatial/MR. This constraints come from the requirement for Unity to render content with RealityKit, whereas it uses the standard Metal graphics API to render in VR. You can ignore everything on that page when it comes to VR apps.