About to start an Ambitious project

if my spelling is incorrect i apologies.

I am about to do a virtual tour system (you control a character), the idea of this is that the user types in an input, using a text box. I will have an array/ database/ case statements, to store the name of the place and matching vector 3 coordinates.

example, mc donalds is typed in the input box, the program then checks for the vectors assosiating with the place

some pseudo code,

if (textBox.Text=="mc donalds"){
    vector3 coordinates =(4,2,10);

the the character will walk to the coordinates, avoiding all obstacles .

if this is farely easy, what about multiple floors, where the charcter can walk up some staires to the 2nd floor

would be helpfull, if u could provide me with some tutorials on this. i will search for them aswell, but if you happened to stumble upon a good tutorial, please post link


There’s an excellent tutorial or sample project, something like ‘character animation’, it may be in the online resources or been moved to the Asset Store (free). It lets you tell the character where you want to go and it rotates it and makes it walk and step accordingly, including up/down stairs. It can be combined with A* too (I’ve done it)

Well i would suggest a node-based A* (A-star) since you just have predefined targets that’s the easiest and fastest way.