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Without giving away any trade secrets of course, what kind of multiplayer game are you working to develop? Is it an iteration on an existing multiplayer idea or perhaps something a bit more trailblazing?

I'm creating a very simple turn-based strategy game where the players take their turns simultaneously. I made the odd choice of creating the lobby, rooms and individual game instances within the one game application, I'm not sure that was the wisest decision as it's a bit of a headache and I wouldn't want to go that route again, but I've learned a lot from doing it.

It does lead to a question I wanted to ask. I've seen places mention NGO supports a limited player count. What sort of player numbers does NGO support and is there any particular reason why it won't scale beyond that?

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The fastest answer would to look into that thread [[/URL]
PS: The (old) recommendation was ~64 Players [/URL]](

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I've built a cross platform PvP tactical strategy game using almost every Unity Game Service including Netcode for Gameobjects, and I've built 98% of the game entirely with Unity Visual Scripting as well. Hoping to launch it publicly on the app stores this month!

No trade secrets either... I've developed an asset in the asset store that lets you use the Unity Game Services suite with Unity Visual Scripting so others can easily use the services without needing much programming experience! Multiplayer with Visual Scripting | Visual Scripting | Unity Asset Store

The name of my game is Tactic Legends if you want to check it out, here's the links:
Official website:
Android beta test:
iOS beta test: