Acceleration with drag

I use the function AddForce to increase the velocity of an object, but finally the velocity stops increasing because the object has a drag of 1.
I can’t change the drag, because I need it this way for other functions.
Can I use AddForce with drag for simulating acceleration?

A limit happens in real situations like the terminal velocity of a falling object. To solve:

  • Add more force
  • Set or increase velocity directly rather than use AddForce()
  • Selectively modify the drag value (for example, only apply the drag when the user is not pressing on an acceleration key)
  • Set the drag to zero and do your own drag calculation.

Something like:

 rigidbody.velocity = rigidbody.velocity * 0.985;    

This code should be executed in FixedUpdate() and will behave differently from ‘Drag’.