Accelerometer & Rotation

Ok so I’m trying to make a game which uses the accelerometer and rotation to control a game object. I am having a problem with the rotation though. I’m using C# for all of my coding.
First I started out by putting the value from Input.acceleration into a Vector3:

Vector3 thisRotation = new Vector3 (Input.acceleration.y * 100, 0, Input.acceleration.x * 100);

I’m attempting to keep the object from rotating in the Y axis, and my current method is actually working quite well in that regard, and I am also trying to control the object in a top down landscape view. When I put Input.acceration.x into the x, and y into the z it actually showed me that the values were not what I was expecting. That is the reason why I set up that line of code the way I did.

Inorder to get my game object to rotate I am using this line of code with thisGameObject representing the game object I want to apply the rotations to.

thisGameObject.transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(thisGameObject.transform.rotation, Quaternion.Euler(thisGameObject.transform.rotation.x + thisRotation.x,
			                                                     thisGameObject.transform.rotation.y + thisRotation.y, thisGameObject.transform.rotation.z + thisRotation.z), Time.fixedDeltaTime);

My problem is that the game object is rotating in the opposite direction in the X and Z axes. I have tried to change the application of the 100 modifier in the input section to a -100, and I tried multiplying the rotations by -1 in the rotating line of code. Regardless of what I do though it seems to be rotating opposite of what is the desired effect. For reference my game is locked in a right side up landscape view. Also when I tried to use the Rotate function the game object would just continue to rotate. These lines of code are happening inside of the FixedUpdate function.

May be this asset can helps:
You can use this asset to Do the rotation. You can use the accelerometer like a gyroscope , this works on all phones, because all devices have accelerometer. And works on all axes. Here this asset: