Accesing custom class object from another script

Hi. I am making a RTS game with a GameManager GameObject with a script attached called ScriptA.js which have this code:

#pragma strict

public class Army{
var name : String;
var units : String;
var points : int;

var armies : Army;

function Start () {


function Update () {


I have created an Army Class Object Array, and I want to edit the elements in the inspector, but I have another script, called ScriptB.js, where i have this code:

#pragma strict

var nameArea: String;
//var armyOwn : String;

enum winTerrain {

var terrainState : winTerrain;
//var armyOwn : GameObject;
var Armies : Army;

function Awake () {



My question is: How can i access the created object of ScriptA called Armies from ScriptB, and with the possibility to create another Array in ScriptB which stores the values entered in Armies object in ScriptA from the inspector? I just want this to have a list of all armies introduced manually and the possibility for accessing it from everywhere in my project. Some kind of Army list with their units, points, etc…accessible from every scripts of the project…Thank you so much

There are several ways to do so.
Read this: Overview: Accessing Other Game Objects