Accesing StreamingsAssets in android (LitJson)

I have seen there are a couple of posts like these, but none of them helped me :frowning:

I am trying to make an enemy database for my game, and I’m using LitJson, the code needs to find the streamingassets file on my Android phone, but when i make it an apk, it dosent work.
This is the line of code that dosen’t work on Android:

        itemData = JsonMapper.ToObject(File.ReadAllText(Application.dataPath + "/StreamingAssets/Items.json"));

So my question is, how do I acces the streamingassets folder in my phone?

On Android, use: path = “jar:file://”

  • Application.dataPath + “!/assets/”; On Android, the files are contained
    within a compressed .jar file (which
    is essentially the same format as
    standard zip-compressed files). This
    means that if you do not use Unity’s
    WWW class to retrieve the file, you
    need to use additional software to see
    inside the .jar archive and obtain the