Access a Enum from script

I have searched around but can’t find why I can’t access a public Enum from another script attached to the same GO.

I am trying to access the SSAOEffect script that have the Enum

public enum SSAOSamples {
		Low = 0,
		Medium = 1,
		High = 2,

In my other script I have this code

///SSAO Effect
public void SSAOEffect(string mSSAO) {
	if(mSSAO == "0")
		GetComponent<SSAOEffect>().m_SampleCount = SSAOEffect.SSAOSamples.Low;
	if(mSSAO == "1")
		GetComponent<SSAOEffect>().m_SampleCount = SSAOEffect.SSAOSamples.Medium;
	if(mSSAO == "2")
		GetComponent<SSAOEffect>().m_SampleCount = SSAOEffect.SSAOSamples.High;

But Unity throws me this error “Expression denotes a method group', where a variable’, value' or type’ was expected”

How do you get access to the “SSAOSamples” enum??

I am clueless

Assuming that is the entire enum file, you have a syntax error ( an extra comma and a missing endbracket ). This is correct:

public enum SSAOSamples {
       Low = 0,
       Medium = 1,
       High = 2

Try to use SSAOSamples.Low, not SSAOEffect.SSAOSamples.Low