Access a static var from different named scripts?

(this is for testing purposes, and hopes to be adapted to my real game later)

I want to make multiple buttons on the GUI, (lets just say 3 buttons), When you click on the first button, the number1 script is activated the rest are deactivated, when you click on 2, 2 is activated rest deactivated, and same for 3 (the 3 scripts contain static vars for a weapons minimum and maximum damage). now i know how to do that, but i need help with this, i want my characters Attack script to be able to figure out which script is activated, grab its static var, and place it in a variable inside of a function. I already have everything setup IF i put the variables inside the function directly, i just need help to make it grab them from the other scripts

to use static variables you just need to use classname.staticvariablename = xxx but your questions is not as clear as it should be.