Access JavaScript variables on c# script (Android build fails!)

Hi, I have the need to access with a c# script some variables (in a javascript). On pc building I have no problems, I've made a javascript that "connects" the other two scripts (js and c#) and I've put it in StandardAssets.

When I build for android i get:

Assets/Standard Assets/Scripts/jsCconnector.js(21,40): BCE0019: 'lookAxisEZ' is not a member of 'UnityEngine.Component'.

No errors in PC/MAC building!

What can I do? Is there a "Standard Asset" for android? Are there others methods to do that?

Thank you.

Im unsure about how to fix your problem but I prefer to try to have all my scripts in a certain language rather than multiple languages as when it comes to compile time I know I will not have any errors such as this. There is a Javascript to C# Converter around by Leepo , There is also a much more advanced better version being sold on Unity Asset Store. Just my Opinion though, do what you want.

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