Access mesh for TextMesh or GuiText

What I need:

Get the mesh generated by TextMesh, then I get the accurate size and UV. Renderer.bounds’ value seems too strange.

What I want to do:

I need to adjust the scale of 3D Text in rumtime, to make it keep a constant size on screen, like 2D GUI. And to make it pixel perfect, I need to know the Text’s actually size, and its UV, so I can calculate its scale accurately.

I tried shader before, but failed, because dynamic batching destroyed them!

Further More:

I couldn’t get GuiText’s mesh either.
If I got them, I can build its normal, and then using normal to do some outline effect in shaders. Without noraml, Unity can only do very little dynamic text effect…

Is there someone can give me a better way? Thanks!
Sorry for my English.

The meshes are not accessible.

If the meshes are not accessible, is there another way to do some outline or shadow text effect ??

We cannot use bitmap font because we need to support full unicode character set.

Any suggestions are welcome =)