Access other collider without use of Trigger collider.

I’m trying to check if one object (a cube with a rigidbody) is touching another object tagged ‘floor’.

When my script is attached to the cube, I dont know how to to access the floor collider.

If I use OnCollisionEnter, the parameters I have to use only give me access the collision points.
If I use OnTriggerEnter, I can access the floor object’s collider through the parameters, except my main cube object will then fall through the floor because the floor needs to be set to trigger.

Can I do the equivalent of OnCollisionEnter but access the collider of the other object which has been collided with (i.e. my floor)?

When using OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision) the Collision object gives you access to the gameObject and collider that triggered the event: Collision doc