Access the internet

Hey guys I want to try and make a script that can access the Internet and take information from a website! For example the script would access the internet (chrome) then search for something outside the browser and from unity then display the information in unity! If anyone can help me they are both amazing and Genius !

Well to do this you do exactly what your browser is doing, you make a request to a URL which will either return an error, or the data that your server responds with.

In unity you can do this with the WWW class. Unity - Scripting API: WWW

once your WWW request has been repsonded to you need to take the data out of it and do what you want with it to display it for your user. How you do this depends entirely on what data you are sending back and in what format it is in. For example you might make a WWW request that returns a JSON object (a text representation of a data object). You can then extract this from the text variable of the WWW request, deserialize the json data and then use it to power your display.

@HenryStrattonFW I am trying to make something for my science fair where if you have a question that you want to ask Google like “what is the best way to make a plane” the code would go through and search through google and go to various websites scanning the information that is related to the question then it would choose the best website with the most information for you too look at and it would display the information of that website onto the screen in the form of text