Access the Script a Struct Instance is from Inside the Struct

Let’s say I have the following code, for example (you don’t actually have to read through the code if you understand).

Is there a way to access the instance of the class that has the struct instance as a variable from within the struct (so access the instance of ExampleClass from inside ExampleStruct) so that a variable inside the class instance can be accessed(so access num1 which is in ExampleClass)?

Basically, is there a way to access num1 inside ExampleStruct?

Other than passing on the instance of the class when constructing the struct instance

Involves MonoBehaviour

public class ExampleClass: MonoBehaviour {
    public int num1 = 5;

    ExampleStruct instance;
    void Start() {
        instance = new ExampleStruct(2);

struct ExampleStruct
    int num2;

    public int Multiplied {
        get {
            return num1 * num2;    *****************************************************

    public ExampleStruct(int num2) {
        this.num2 = num2;

Anyone know?

No there is not unless you add a variable inside the struct to reference your script and assign the script instance to that variable. However the question is what exactly do you want to do here. Why do you actually use a struct here?