Access to iPad2/iOS camera as texture

Hi all

I'm a researcher who would love to start using Unity as a platform for testing new implementations of augmented reality algorithms & applications.

After doing some extensive investigation on the forums, I remain uncertain whether or not unity is able to access the camera hardware in iOS devices (specifically iPad 2) and render the stream as a texture.

I have seem a number of AR plugins (Prime31, String, etc) but I'm not interested in anything but a raw feed from the camera data.

Could anyone let me know if this is possible? and how?


Tony D Media Lab

Prime31 has a plugin to access the camera. Look for “Augmented Reality” on this link brosef.

Its 75 bucks, but his plugins are top notch.

Yep. this is certainly possible. Check it out here:

I also would like to know this. I plan to use zbar bar code scanner which converts a video feed from the camera to a bar code. Does anyone know this is possible with Unity 3D IOS or have a plugin working?

I know several AR platforms are compatible. I use the metaio mobile SDK. It has a unity plugin

I dont know how much control you want over the application, but you can really get into the guts of the SDK and make some pretty significant changes.