Access Unity Timeline from a script

Hi everybody,
my question is quite simple actually but since there is really few docs on Unity’s timeline I havn’t found answers :
I have a timeline object with some tracks in it (audio and animation) and I would like to access these tracks through a script, but I don’t know how.

I’ve had success looking for the PlayableDirector component.

using UnityEngine.Playables;

PlayableDirector pd = timeline.GetComponent<PlayableDirector>();


@tezza2k1 sir can u please make a full script of code required to control the timeline like put fast forward and rewind and can u make the behavior same i mean for the animation and timeline
to act same, if i press fast forward both of the thing move fast and same goes for the rewind,@tezza2k1 hi can u help me by making full script for to control time line and apply more options like fast forward and rewind along with the animation. i want to control the animation along with timeline
i mean i want the behavior of the animation and the timeline to be same like when when i press fast forward both of them go in fast forward.