Access UnityScript compiler with CodeDomProvider

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In addition to this question I have another,
but due to the complexity I thought I would split them up.

After writing some code using .NET’s CodeDom and the compiler, I was able to load C# assemblies from files at runtime:

//Create provider
var provider:CodeDomProvider = new CodeDomProvider.CreateProvider("CSharp");
//Compile C# file at path, with params as compiler parameters
var results:CompilerResults = provider.CompileAssemblyFromFile(params, path);

//return the compiled assembly
return results.CompiledAssembly;

Now thats all good and working, but I was wondering whether I could use the same method to compile UnityScript files.
I have tried using "UScript", "JScript" and "UnityScript". Does the UnityScript compiler even integrate into CodeDom?

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Once again answering my own question.

UnityScript doesn’t get directly compiled. It actually gets translated to Boo and is then compiled using the Boo compiler.

So no, there isn’t even a proper UnityScript compiler.

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