Access Violation after Updating Unity

After updating Unity from 5.3.5 to 5.5.0 i cant start my game in builded form.
In Editor it works pefectly without any errors or warnings.

Unity Player [version: Unity 5.5.0f3_38b4efef76f0]

SVNTowerDefense.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
  in module SVNTowerDefense.exe at 0023:00468a9a.

Error occurred at 2016-12-05_155116.
E:\Unity Projects\SVNTowerDefense\BuildWindows\SVNTowerDefense.exe, run by User.
33% memory in use.
0 MB physical memory [0 MB free].
0 MB paging file [0 MB free].
0 MB user address space [3642 MB free].
Read from location 00000094 caused an access violation.

Hi @syven, I have something similar with my project since I upgraded Unity to 5.5.0 from 5.4.1.

In my case the player crashes right when I’m quitting. Just like you I don’t have any crash when I run in the editor.

Another thing that changed with my project after my upgrade is that I get errors about referencing destroyed font objects and I have some UI text objects that are showing strange behavior. I haven’t looked into this properly yet but I thought I would mention it. Other than that I don’t have any unusual errors or warnings.

This is my stack trace:

========== OUTPUTING STACK TRACE ==================

0x01045C71 (My Player) physx::shdfnd::ErrorHandler::getMaxCallbackNum
0x75618E71 (USER32) CallNextHookEx
0x756190D1 (USER32) CallNextHookEx
0x7561932C (USER32) CallNextHookEx
0x75632E70 (USER32) GetWindowTextLengthA
0x77B10596 (ntdll) KiUserCallbackDispatcher
0x6C2136D7 (dxgi) DXGIGetDebugInterface1
0x6C1F002F (dxgi) DXGIReportAdapterConfiguration
0x6C1E9821 (dxgi) DXGIReportAdapterConfiguration
0x6C1E7BBB (dxgi) DXGIReportAdapterConfiguration
0x6C1E7A29 (dxgi) DXGIReportAdapterConfiguration
0x01079DFE (My Player) physx::shdfnd::ErrorHandler::getErrorCallback
0x01084868 (My Player) physx::shdfnd::ErrorHandler::getErrorCallback
0x0108536B (My Player) physx::shdfnd::ErrorHandler::getErrorCallback
0x00BF0855 (My Player) physx::shdfnd::Foundation::getPAUtils
0x0109CFDB (My Player) physx::shdfnd::ErrorHandler::getErrorCallback
0x0109D77B (My Player) physx::shdfnd::ErrorHandler::getErrorCallback
0x00BF07F3 (My Player) physx::shdfnd::Foundation::getPAUtils
0x010E74F8 (My Player) physx::shdfnd::Foundation::getErrorMutex
0x0111FDB8 (My Player) physx::shdfnd::Foundation::getErrorMutex
0x774E7C04 (KERNEL32) BaseThreadInitThunk
0x77B2AB8F (ntdll) RtlInitializeExceptionChain
0x77B2AB5A (ntdll) RtlInitializeExceptionChain

========== END OF STACKTRACE ===========

Same issue for me. It was working perfectly before updating to 5.5.0f3. No problem when running from unity editor, only the executable crashes.