Accessing a child's animation to play or stop it

OK, this is probably a nice simple question for someone out there, but it's causing me some problems. I have a switch on the base of a fan which can be turned on or off. This sends out a message to the fans switchscript, which flips the switch, and SHOULD start or stop the animation of the fan itself, which is a child of the fanbase object.

However, the code I'm using to do so is obviously incorrect (it lets me run the game, but when it should start or stop the animation, it gives the following error: NullReferenceException Fanbaseswitchscript.TurnedOff () (at Assets/Scripts/Fanbaseswitchscript.js:4))

Anyhow, here's my code. If someone could point out the error (I assume with syntax), it'd be much appreciated.

function TurnedOff () {
transform.Find("Box002").transform.localPosition.x = -0.09;
transform.Find("Fanhead").animation.Stop("Take 001");

function TurnedOn () {
transform.Find("Box002").transform.localPosition.x = 0.09;
transform.Find("Fanhead").animation.Play("Take 001");

When the switch is turned, it sends either a 'TurnedOff' or 'TurnedOn' (lol) message to this script. This then moves the box which represents the switch (to show its been switched), and should either play or stop the animation for the fan.

Edit: Here's a screenshot showing the fanhead objects inspector window:

That's probably this line:

transform.Find("Fanhead").animation.Stop("Take 001");

and that error usually means something before the . is missing. Did you spell Fanhead correclty? FanHead maybe?

Solved it, it was a really stupid mistake - I had childed Fanhead to fanbase whilst the game was playing, so it hadn't saved. Oops!