Accessing a class within a list

I’m sure this is Unity 101 but I must be missing something really basic…

I have a public class in which I have defined a List. This is in a script which I have added to my main panel using Component>Add>Script:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class CreateHeroList : MonoBehaviour
public class Hero
public string HeroName;
public int HeroLevel;
public int HeroStars;

//create a list of Heros as defined above
public List<Hero> Heroes = new List<Hero>();


I then have a second script attached tp the same panel in which I am trying to pull data from SQL to populate the Hero class above.

I’ve tried to create a local instance of the script and access the list from within this:

public CreateHeroList createherolist;
createherolist= GetComponent();

I can then access createherolist.Heroes but how do I go one step further to get to

You generally access elements of a collection by using brackets [0] with the index of the element you want to retrieve inside, like CreateHeroList.Heroes[0] (but be sure to check it has at least that many elements first, with the .Length property), or by iterating over the entire collection one element at a time with a “for” loop or “foreach” loop. I recommend reading this for information on arrays, and this for information on lists (lists mostly work like arrays, but can be dynamically resized and re-ordered).