Accessing a projectors renderer

I am trying to change the materials color of a projector at runtime. I have a series of projectors but I only want to modify the one. If I change the projectors material it changes all the projectors. It seems like I need to access the renderer and change that color instead. I can't seem to find a way to access the renderer on the projector.

I have tried

proj.renderer.material.color =;

proj.GetComponent( Projector.renderer.material.color =

Projectors don't have renderers; they project textures onto other objects. You can see in the inspector that there is no renderer component attached to a projector. To change the material, you can instantiate a copy of the material, assign it to the renderer, and change the copy.

The problem is that you're using the same material for every projector. Instead, you need to have each projector use a unique material asset. Alternately, if the different settings you have are discrete (like some projectors are red tinted, and they all need to be changed to green tinted), then you could access the materials for each projector and swap the old material out with then new material (in my example you would do something like: projector.material = greenMaterial).

You can get material references to your scripts very easily by having a public material variable and the dragging the reference in through the editor.