Accessing a script in Assets folder from Standard Assets Folder

I am trying to access functions from an asset store product I purchased through the standard assets scripting folder. The asset store item is dialoguer, it needs to stay in the asset folder because of how it’s written (I tried putting in inside the plugins folder and I got alot of errors, all of the editor UI stuff stopped working too). Is there anyway I can access the script functions from dialoguer from a script like SmoothFollow.cs?

Also - Namespace wasn’t helping either it wouldn’t recognize it :frowning:

Got it! This can be solved by making a script in the base Assets folder to “link” these scripts, or in fact, and scripts. Items in the /Assets folder are checked first, if you put them in your scene they can:

  1. Access any variables from any script in any folder
  2. Run functions in any of the scripts from 1
  3. Are compiled first