Accessing and assigning superclass variables.

I’m a tad bit used to Python, so this is a little difficult for me. I’m trying to create a subclass and reassign some default variables. While it’s not impossible to do this in the “Awake” function, its likely I may need to set them before the awake function, so I can accurately collect a list of scripts with the proper IDs set on them.

#pragma strict

class Skill extends MonoBehaviour{
var trained:boolean = false;

var focus:boolean = false;

var _relevantModifier:Stats = Stats.INT;
var _trainedOnly:boolean = false;

var _skillID:SkillID; //Not entirely sure if this is a good idea.


And the sublcass:

class Acrobatics extends Skill{
	_skillID  = SkillID.Acrobatics;

What I end up getting is a compiling error which says “expecting }, found ‘_skillID’”.

Is there a better way to do what I’m trying to do?

you have to do that in the constructor of your Acrobatics class

also just a suggestion but if you’re starting a new language, you should directly use c# (with the free and awesome monodevelop tool suite)