Accessing and controlling Shader Graph Enum Keywords via Script?

Hello, I’m wrestling with something I can’t seem to find a clear answer on that doesn’t expect me to already know a ton about scripting…

I apologize for the inconvenient presentation; new users here can only have two links and one image :frowning:

Here is a link to an album illustrating each example

In my shader graph, I have an Enum Keyword node with four maths function options feeding into a Branch node:

(see item 1 in album)

I want to control which function is fed into the branch node’s True path using a script component attached to an object separate from the object with the material—i.e., to control shader properties without having to select the object itself, like I currently have for a whole bunch of other properties successfully connected via the script:

(see item 2 in album)

It’s possible to do by exposing the property, but for clarity, that’s not what I want, because it would require selecting the object with the material, then returning to the object with the script to adjust the other shader properties.

Enum does not have global settings, though, so unlike simple nodes like vectors and floats, etc., it can’t just be hijacked via the code.

…and that’s about as far as I can understand. I’ve gotten as far as being able to create a script enum dropdown:

(see item 3 in album)

…but I have no idea how to connect it to the enum keyword node in the shader.

I was pointed here by someone in another place, but i unfortunately don’t really understand what to do with it, as again it assumes a much more advanced foundation of knowledge than I have, and I can only figure that it seems to be possible?

Can anyone help me see clearly on this, please?

Thank you!