Accessing another script from a class

I am trying to access other variables and functions from inside a class I have created using Javascript. For example:

script 1:

private var x

    public function setx(newX)
      this.x = newx;

script 2:

class Class1

  function doSomething()

How would I go about achieving this?

You could use the function GetComponent.

Look at the example in the reference.

You just need a reference to the instance script1.

For example:

private var x;

public function SetX (x) {
    this.x = x;


class Class1 extends UnityEngine.Object {
    function DoSomething () {
        (FindObjectOfType(Script1) as Script1).SetX(1);

I have found the answer. The reference link I needed to use was:

var Script1script = gameObject.GetComponent("script1");


Thanks for the help.