Accessing assets and including them in the scene

I have a system set up for the user. I have a folder that includes a large number of prefabs. I want to load the name of the prefab saved in userprefs and put it in the scene. I understand userprefs but I want to know how to instantiate an asset into the scene. I’ve tried that Assetdatabase but I have a hard time understanding it, I tried to import and it didn’t come in the scene! I don’t suppose you need code because it doesn’t really matter about my mistake, I just want to know how to do it correctly.

So to load something at Runtime you need to put it in a Resources folder and use Resources.Load(pathWithoutExtension) to get your prefab - that or make a scene object that has the prefabs in it and search that based off name. You cannot dynamically add files to Resources at runtime so if you are intending to download things which are prefabs then you have to use Asset Bundles which are a Pro feature.