Accessing Local Computer Files

What I would like to do is access the computer files after saying something in the textfield. This will be used as a fun widget for me to play around with, just an example. I would prefer javascript, but if you have to C#. I looked at a couple of Unity Answers about this, but haven’t really understood much of it xD, so I decided to put it all in my own words. Just a textfield, when you type in something like, “/move Minecraft Desktop” it moves the file “Minecraft” to your Desktop. Thanks!

You can do as an editor extension:

Otherwise Unity is sandboxed and can’t really access the local filesystem (by design). You can do .txt file stuff here:

EDIT: Oops, Bunny83 is right, only the web player is sandboxed. OP have a look here:

…there’s some sample code near the bottom of the page you can try.

For moving around files on your desktop, why not just write up a basic java applet?