Accessing non static members in a static function argument??

I want to create a function, that receives the name of the gameObject, and disable the renderer on all childs in this gameobject, but when I compile the script the debbuger says:

Assets/Scripts/calidad-rendimiento/lods/lods.js(8,11): BCE0020: An instance of type 'UnityEngine.Component' is required to access non static member 'gameObject'.

Here is my code:

static function disable_hab (name_hab : String){

var hab = gameObject.Find(name_hab).GetComponentsInChildren( Renderer );

for (var child : Renderer in hab) {
child.renderer.enabled = false;

Thanks and sorry for my English ;)

I think you just need to change that for a capital 'G' in GameObject there:

var hab = GameObject.Find(name_hab).GetComponentsInChildren( Renderer );

This is because you don't call the 'Find' function on any particular gameObject instance - because it's a static function, you call it on the GameObject Class itself.