Accessing Script From Other Script Causes Lag?

Hi in the script below I am accessing my Score_Control_Script in order to change a variable inside it, but when I do it this way it cause a lag in my game (I am doing this same thing with the UIControllerScript), not a big one but every time that piece of code runs which is quite often in my game it causes the entire thing to freeze for about a half a second and then unfreeze?

I have used this method many times before and it works just fine so I do not know what the problem is? Thank you for your help in advance (:

var scoreControlScript : Score_Control_Script;
var scoreValue = 1;

var scoreSound : AudioClip;

// Used to disable sound fx when user disables sound fx button
var UIControllerScript : UIController;

function OnTriggerEnter2D (other : Collider2D)
	switch (other.tag) {
		case "ScoreCollider":
		if (!gameover) {
			scoreControlScript.currentScore += scoreValue;
		 	if (UIControllerScript.muteSoundEffects == false) {
		 		audio.PlayOneShot(scoreSound, 0.3);
	 	case "Respawn":
	 	Debug.Log("Enemy_Controller_Script - OnTriggerEnter2D: switch statement didn't find any tag");


Is currentScore a static variable? If not, you should be accessing it with a reference, not by the class directly. Also, you don’t setup your reference to scoreControlScript.