Accessing Smartfox room list from another script in C#

I have my Unity Project connecting to SmartFox server just fine. The issue I’m running into is I would like to have one script that handles all the calls to SmartFox and then use other scripts to show this data via a GUI. I’m trying to create a room list for the members in the current SFS room, but doing so from a script that doesn’t instantiate SmartFox itself (there is another script for that).

Here’s my code :

if (GetComponent<LobbyGUI>().currentActiveRoom!=null) {

		// header for the current room
		GUI.Label(new Rect(pos.x + 10, pos.y + 10, curWidth - 20, 30), "Current room: " + GetComponent<LobbyGUI>().currentActiveRoom.Name);

		// User list
		GUI.Box(new Rect(pos.x + 10, pos.y + 30, curWidth - 20, curHeight - 40), "Users");
		GUILayout.BeginArea (new Rect(500, 300, 150, 160));
			userScrollPosition = GUILayout.BeginScrollView (userScrollPosition, GUILayout.Width (150), GUILayout.Height (160));
					foreach (User user in GetComponent<LobbyGUI>().currentActiveRoom.UserList)
			GUILayout.EndScrollView ();

The script is taken directly off of the LobbyGUI script that comes with example files provided with SFS, I simply changed the currentActiveRoom.UserList variable to point to the Component that initalizes SmartFox on startup.

Is what I’m trying even possible, or will I have to do this from the LobbyGUI script itself? I’m still in transition from Javascript to C#, so please forgive me if it’s something incredibly simple (I just started with c# last night).

My apologies if I wasted anyone else’s time, but I found a solution to my own problem. I simply added the following to the script I wanted to grab the member list from :

using Sfs2X;
using Sfs2X.Core;
using Sfs2X.Entities;

I’m assuming that I don’t need all of these and that the User setup I need is in one (perhaps entities) but for now it works