Accessing variable defined in a Script attached to Prefab

I have a public variable defined as public var ElementJson:SimpleJSON.JSONClass; on a script named ElementInfo which is attached to a prefab Element.I am using Simple JSON Parser for storing element information in JSON.Suppose there are 10 instance of Element i.e Element1-Element10. And ElementInfo is attached to each of the instance. Now my question is how to access ElementJson of each instance in a script that is attached to a empty GameObject.This script is used for accessing overall application information i.e one can say a controller script which will handle entire application data and pass it to other components.!

You just need a call to GetComponent from the script you’re trying to access the component SimpleJSON from. More detailed information on getting components can be found here and here.

Thanks both of you…! this is what I did and it worked…

var Element:SimpleJSON.JSONClass;
var elementInfo:ElementInfo;
function Update () 
	var gameobject : GameObject;
	for(gameobject in testscript.elementarrays)

Since the instances of Element are created at runtime kept the code in the update method and now am able to access it. And thanks guys once again…!
@vexe FindObjectOfType i am calling this function in start method and not in update.