Accessing variable from class retrieved using reflection

Firstly, sorry for the long winded title - I couldn’t think of a more concise way to write it down.
Basically I have a method which uses reflection to retrieve a class by its code name and I need to access one of the class’s variables to do some checks with it.

I suppose I could either convert from System.Type to State or try to access IsDefault by using its code name like I did with the class however I’m not too familiar with reflection to know what’s possible and not.

Here is the code in question:

public void PushState(string Name)
		Type type_state = Type.GetType(Name);
			StatesContainer.Insert(0, type_state);
			//Default state will always be found at Index 0

As it stands now, Unity is looking for IsDefault in System.Type instead of State, which obviously throws an error. What would be the best way to access IsDefault?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that “State” is a class, in case my wording wasn’t too clear.

Yep you still need reflection to do this:

    var field = type_state.GetField("IsDefault", BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Static);
    var isDefault = field.GetValue(null);