Accesst o higher frequency tracking anchoring data

There is a comment on this thread saying there are 5 important points you can track at a high frequency.

Looks like it’s not currently possible to pull through on the Unity/Open XR side?

Is this something on the roadmap, or is there a way to pull that data through?

I see the comment you’re referring to, but I’m not sure where this person got that information. The Apple documentation does not say anything about how frequently those APIs update. I did a basic test with Swift to try and see if AnchoringComponent would behave any differently but I see the same results. The object appears to “flicker” or jitter as I move my wrist around.

You can try for yourself with this Swift app I made by modifying the Xcode project template. When you show the immersive space, a gray cube will track your left wrist. Observe how it only moves every 3 frames which appears as if it flickers in the headset.

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