According to the end position to control the robot movement

I want the robot to move automatically based on the target position, not by ROS,because I want to do it in a closed system,is there any good solution???

Can you define, what you mean by closed system in your case?
What type of robot you want to move?

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I'm sorry, I didn't notice the font problem.
My research direction is robot grasping. Therefore, I wanted to create a simulation environment with Unity. In this simulation environment, datasets can be generated and UR5 robot can be controlled to grasp by training the model. Closed system means that I can port the project to other Windows devices without relying on ROS, although ROS can solve the problem I'm currently experiencing.

If you creating just a simulation, not actual controlling the robot, sure you can just use Unity.

First of all, you need a model of the manipulator. Is it ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, other, or custom?

I know you can grab some manipulators models from vendor website. They tend to be cad models. So you may need convert to fbx, or obj, before importing to Unity.

Next thing you need IK solution. You got few options, but Bio IK has really good solver for such applications

Then rest of logic is matter of being programmed by you, to control End Effector.

For all that you don't need ROS, but of course, you won't be able control real robot directly from Unity.

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