Account is Locked and No Response from Support Team (Almost 9 Days Now)

Hello Unity Team,

We have been using Unity LevelPlay since 2017, without any issues and same standard of coding and practices, suddenly two weeks before our account has been locked, saying for invalid activity without sending any warning or email to us to fix the issues.

Sorry but we are not fraud, this is not business at all, we have never used any fraudulent activity or etc we have been using the same technique since 2017 without any issues, and suddenly we are called FRAUD, no one even bother to reply to our appeal, this is not kind of business we think it should be.

At least listen to our appeal and reply to us or send us warning that there is issue you must fix, if we don't fix then lock our account. please don't do one sided rule of law.

It is very easy to change the monetization publisher with one single update for our Apps, but we don't to be called FRAUD, we are approached by many companies daily for monetization, we always stick to unity monetization.

Our Ticket No for #1785887

Looking forward for unity team to please check and respond .


9 days? as the reply you likely got stated they have a 2+ month norm for waiting on support tickets.

Can we get our monetization payment, it is almost 2.5 months earning?

I am not a unity person (or I would have a tag as such) if your account is currently locked Ive no idea as I dont do monitorisation

Did any of you manage to get this issue resolved ?