Accumulative snow in a game

Hi everyone,

I’m new at UnityAnswers and my english is not quite good, the thing is: I’m creating a FPS game (Unity 3.4.2, mac version), and there are several snowfall scenes. I’ve created my own snowflakes in Photoshop and get the fx work fine, the only thing it misses is an accumulative effect, because all snowflakes goes through houses and terrain, you know.

I’ve tried add a collider to the snowflake element but it didn’t worked. I’ve also experimented a couple of combinations but nothing worked as I need.

I’m new at Unity, I still didn’t get it well with the mesh stuff.

Does anyone have experience doing an accumulative snow scene?

Thanks, ; )

You are right. It’s a too complicated task to get involved with for such small detail. I’ve just added a World Particle Collider to the particle system and that’s it. Thank you very much for the advices.

I know this is a little old, but you can create a shader with a “snow amount” range on it, and hook up the shader to display snow based on that range.

Shaders are complicated though, and it will take some time and effort; I’m still learning too. Try using Strumpy Shader Editor to get started!

In Unity 5+ you can add particle system with collision and kinda make a snowy scene easily. Add a 3D cube as the floor and select that floor in the Planes configuration and you’re good to go.