Accurate scene loading progress bar...

Hi guys,

Is there a way to show accurate percentage level of the scene loading progress bar ?
I have used AsyncOperation to get the progress information of the loading scene but it gives no accurate information about it. For ex, the progress jumps from 0 to 90% very fast and then it stays the rest of the time that the scene needs to load from 90% to 100%. I read somewhere that from 90% to 100% the initializing of the scene happens that’s why it takes most of the time, but how can we have an accurate progress information of the scene that is loading ?

If anyone has an idea how to get that accurate information of the scene loading is free to tell us.
If you need the code that i am using i can post it. :wink:
Thank you everyone.

The best bet is instead of a loading bar, do an information tab on what is loading and leave out the estimation. This has the same exact effect as a loading bar, convincing the user you haven’t locked their system up, while not having to feed the user lies about the progress estimation.