aceess to .Dll in Unity 3D 2.6.1

HI, I hav been trying to use the .Net Dll, That are already present there in the Lib Folder of the unity folder in the program Files folder on Windows and i find some error saying No Dll found or missing assembly reference and all. Where as i am trying to access the System.Web and also System.Web.Services DLL file wich is already present there in the specified folder.

As Specified in the forum and Unity.asnwers i hav copied that to a Assets\Plugin folder too. Even that doesnt work and says the same error. an any one guide me in solving this.

Hi , I think there is no need to copy the dll files from the Lib folder of unity into your Assets\Plugin folder as they are already included with the project.

Try adding :

using System.Web

using System.Web.Services

into your C# program without copying those dll files into your project.

We've actually run into something similar. System.Web seems to work in Javascript but not C#. If you can, you might put whatever utilities you need in static methods inside a Javascript script that imports System.Web and place it in Standard Assets, and then call those utility methods from your C# script. It's starting to sound like this issue might be a bug, so I'd also recommend filing one with the Bug Reporter.

I hope you're not using the Indy/Free version of Unity.