Action with two bindings wont trigger release

Using Unity 2019.3.13f1

I have an action, “MoveForward”, with two bindings - Button “W” and a Button with 1 Modifier set to Right Mouse button with the modifier being set to Left Mouse button. Both bindings have Trigger Behaviour set to “Press and Release”.

So, MoveForward is triggered if you press “W” or click both mouse buttons at the same time. It works using each binding separately.

The issue is if you switch to using the other binding while still pressing the first and release the first, when you release the new binding it doesnt trigger the release call.
Example - Press “W” and start moving. While still holding down “W”, also click both mouse buttons. While still holding both mouse buttons you release the “W” key. Finally, release both mouse buttons. No release call is made the character doesnt stop moving.

I have a logging statement in the method that receives the message, and can confirm no call is made from the input system in the problematic scenario. Just to rule out user error with moving/stopped the character, etc.

Is there some setting on the two bindings I’m missing, or possible bug? If anyone knows this was a bug and has been resolved in a newer Unity version, I’ll be upgrading eventually and can ignore this for now.


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There’s the screenshot I attempted to link to before

IK this post is old but i’m having the same problem on a larger scale, and cant seem to get around it without reverting to the old input system and looping through every key on the keyboard. Did you ever find a solution using the input system?