activate a trigger via its position (in vr)

Hello, I'm fairly new to unity. I have a question about the movement system on unity. Here is my problem, I have several teleporters that are supposed to teleport us to other platforms when we make contact with them via a collider and a trigger. But when I try to take this teleporter via different ways of moving in my vr, it does not always work.

For example, when I'm moving around my home in real life and I switch to the teleporter, nothing happens as if I'm going through this, and when I use the joystick to move around like a classic video game, it doesn't work either. Only the joystick teleport system works, and even that's tricky.

I'd just like the teleporter to work for any type of movement I use and to teleport me well to other platforms. I'm a bit lost.

I'm developing my project on an oculus quest 2, I used xr plug-in and xr interaction toolkit to make my project.

If someone could help me it would be really nice :smile: