Activate/Enable a Shader

how would I simply toggle a shader on or off? Are their any precoded shaders that I could add to make an object semi-transparent?

Not sure what you mean by on/off. You can enable/disable the renderer, and it won't render. Or the entire object. Or you can replace the material with another one.

Most shaders have a Main Color, and that main color includes and alpha channel, so put that at like halfway. You can also use textures with alpha channels, I like PNG myself.

I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean toggle shader. You can't just turn a shader off because that tells Unity how to render the object.

  1. You could simply disable the renderer. That would turn off the shader and more :).

  2. You could use a Camera.RenderWithShader() and Camera.SetReplacementShader() which are both described here.

  3. You could change materials or change the materials properties. `material.shader = Shader.Find("YourShader");`