Activating & Deactivating prefabs from a prefab pool VS simply moving them on and off-camera (iOS)

I use a prefab pool, instead of instantiating and destroying prefabs of collectibles that get spawned in my game and collected (hence removed from view). The game is for iOS.

The prefabs pool is a group of prefabs that are off-camera and deactivated when the level is loaded.

Whenever a prefab is supposed to get spawned somewhere on the board, it gets activated, moved instantly on board (and on-camera). When my character collects it, it gets instantly moved off-camera and deactivated.

My pool consists of 50 prefabs (that's the maximum potential number of prefabs that might be used simultaneously on-camera).

Is there any use in my having them initially deactivated and activating-deactivating them as described above? Would having them activated all the time and just moving them on and off camera make any difference?

Activating is not a fast operation; you don't want to do that. You could move them, or you could just disable their components. You could also add event listeners only at the appropriate times.